If your company utilizes hosted dedicated servers as mine does you’ll invariably run into this scenario…

For the past eight years I’ve had a great relationship with a personal friend who’s company provided my dedicated hosting servers, colocation, bandwidth, and management. Over those years I’ve had awesome phone tech support. If I had a server issue I simply picked up the phone and whatever needed to be done was done.

In January 2006, the company that provided my servers for me, was sold. I soon found out that the new company that acquired my dedicated machines did not offer any phone support. During the changing of the guard an issue came up with one of my machines.

I filled out several trouble tickets which were never responded to….after 3-4 days of filling out trouble tickets I finally made contact. Now it’s been a week and still no resolution to the issue.

It’s one of those things you tend to overlook, but its an important factor to consider if your company uses server colocation, dedicated servers, or fully managed servers.

There are clauses you can have added to your service aggreement in the event your colocation service decides to sell. I’ll be writing about this some more in a future post.

This same process applies to companies that require business web hosting. So before you sign up for your next dedicated server or business web hosting package be sure to ask you provider what will happen in the event the company is sold or acquired.

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