There are two main reasons why you should consider direct investment in Dallas real estate. One is access to the cash flow generating properties in the form of dividends. Many experts classify real estate investments as income-producing investments in line with bonds, because the buildings poses a constant flow of money from the property to the investor.

Dallas commercial real estate The other reason is the low correlation that exhibit properties of both shares to fixed interest securities. This low correlation means that real estate can be used as a risk mitigation component of the total investment portfolio.

The institutional investors, as major insurance companies, has traditionally always had a high percentage of properties in their portfolios to reduce risk in their investments. This phenomenon was seen long before other alternative investments, such as hedge funds and venture capital funds, had among the institutions’ investments.

Even though alternative investments are considered to be a natural component of the larger investor portfolios today are those instruments fairly new forms of Dallas commercial real estate investment. Buildings, however, has been around since way back along with equities and fixed-income securities in institutional portfolios