Pastor Ben Dailey of Calvary Church wanted to get the church out of the box and helping the community so he cut a crazy deal with the congregation. If attendance was higher the Sunday after Easter, he would get in a 6 square foot plexiglass box on top of the church. Was his idea crazy? Sure, but the response has been amazing. For the next two days Calvary church is collecting food, clothing, baby items and donations to reach out to the community. Church members, teenagers, and even strangers are showing up to help.

What can you do? Bring donations of any type to Calvary Church off of 161 and Walnut Hill rd. in Irving between now and Wed. evening at 7pm. The church will be distributing food items, clothing, and baby items to families throughout the community. For more information and to check out a pastor in a box visit: Pastor In A Box.

If you know of any families in need in the greater Irving area please contact the church by visiting

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