During vacation this week my family and I stayed at the Crown Plaza hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio on our way home from New York. My two primary criteria were an Internet connection and swimming pool. Both ended up being a dissapointment. The Crown offers wireless Internet (more on this in a later post), but had different zones within the hotel. I just happened to get a room in a bad zone. By the time was done jacking around with my Internet connection the pool had closed and gates chained for the night.

After calling the front desk, I was informed that I had two options; Call the Internet Service Provider or move to a room on a higher level.

I called the ISP and they said if I was connecting to the network there was nothing they could do to help me. The front desk blamed the poor Internet connectivity on the ISP. Next, I tried plan B, I went up to the fifth floor with my laptop to see if I could get a better connection in a different zone. This proved fruitless as well.

This has prompted me to work on another post to discuss Internet connectivity and how much it varies from one hotel to another and an a funny story to help emphasize my point.

There was one highlight with my stay at the Crown Plaza… they have some of the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten.