When I wanted to create an assumed name for my newly created Texas corporation, I wanted to file online, but found the site a bit unfriendly to navigate. However, the folks at the Secretary of State’s office (help desk) are friendly and will help you navigate the site should you wish to call them (512-463-5555)

Here is a quick tutorial on filing a corporate assumed name online with SOSDirect: (information in this tutorial should not be taken or construed as legal advice. Should you have legal questions regarding your corporate assumed name you should speak with your attorney or CPA.

Once you are at the SOS direct site you will need to create an account if you do not already have one.

Next, you’ll need to enter your USER ID and password. Your permanent USER ID will be emailed to you after creating your online profile with SOSDirect.

Since SOSDirect does not store your credit card information, you will need to enter your credit card information prior to setting up your corporate assumed name with the state of Texas.

Enter your filing number and then click “file document” to continue filing your corporate assumed name in Texas.

From the drop down, select “Certificate of Assumed Business Name”

Enter the assumed name for your Texas corporation or entity.

Enter the number of years for period of use of your assumed name.

Select counties or county

After completing address and then a signature screen; You’ll type in your name, you’ll get to final screen to confirm your assumed business name for your Texas corporation or entity.

After completing your assumed business name for your TX corporation or entity click on the $25.00 filing button to complete your online filing.

You should receive confirmation shortly and many assumed name filings are completed within 2-4 hours according the website. Mailed copies will go out within four (4) business days.

If you are filing an assumed name for your Texas corporation or entity and you found this short tutorial helpful, please leave a comment below.