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March 13, 2014 |

Dallas Fort Worth Picture Frame Repair


Looking for the best picture frame repair in Dallas Fort Worth? Art Impressions has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth area for over 20 years with professional custom picture frames, shadow boxes, and specialty framing services. Art Impressions has the expertise and knowledge to handle any picture frame repair project. Stop by their store in Colleyville, TX or give them a call for a free quote at: 817-503-0124 today.

dallas picture frame repair

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February 2, 2014 |

Home Depot Lewisville TX


I want to give a shout out to HomeDepot manager Nick in Lewisville, TX

2-3 years ago I purchased a RIDGID cordless tool kit (display model) and never knew where or that I should register the products for warranty coverage. Recently, both of my batteries died on me and new ones run $120 each. Nick was kind enough to give me a discount on a new RIGID tool kit that I can register for future warranty coverage. Initially, warranty service said they would not / could not do anything for me because I did not register my purchase.

Home Depot Lewisville has been on point with customer service. Whenever I stop in for something, someone will always stop and ask me if I need help finding anything. If you are looking for a home improvement store with great customer service, be sure to stop in to Home Depot Lewisville.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you purchase display tools from any home improvement store ask about warranty coverage and boxes if they still have them
  • RIDGID offers a lifetime warranty on batteries and tools for home use. (Be sure to register)
  • RIDGID will direct ship new batteries or replace right at the store
January 1, 2014 |

Energy Dependence Job Scam


In the latest scam played out on Americans via the Keystone XL (tar sands) pipeline, we are led to believe that it will create thousands of jobs for Americans and that we will lessen our dependence on foreign oil / energy.

To the contrary, facts seem to indicate that the Keystone pipeline will be a way to move Canadian tar sands oil to refineries here in the US to be exported to other countries. On the issue of jobs, creating a pipeline would indeed create jobs for Americans, and the refineries in Texas would benefit. But don’t sell Americans on the notion that building a new pipeline will help lessen our dependence on foreign oil when the facts seem to indicate that refined crude will not stay on US soil very long.

Republicans have been very disappointing on this issue. Sean Hannity, Mitt Romney, etc. have all chimed in. Romney was even quoted as saying he would build the pipeline himself if elected.

Let’s be clear on the issue of job creation and energy development that will benefit US consumers and the American economy exclusively. I respect Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney, but why would they sensationalize lower gas prices at the pump via the Keystone pipeline when there is no apparent evidence to support the Keystone pipeline will have any direct impact on lower fuel prices at the pump or lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

Is anyone in the oil industry willing to answer these questions: Why do we export US crude and refined oil products and import foreign oil? What would our foreign oil dependence look like if we kept US crude right here in the US? I think we know the answer, but it would still be nice to get a response.

So where do Americans stand? Do we want jobs sold under the guise of lowering US foreign oil dependence? Or do we want to create energy industry jobs that “really” have an impact on reducing our need for foreign oil?

What are your thoughts? Are leaders doing enough to clearly articulate an energy and jobs strategy that makes the US economy stronger or will we develop energy jobs that will help export more US natural resources?



May 10, 2012 |

Stand Up Desk Ikea


Stand Up Desk From Ikea

Without knowing, I’ve become part of the stand up desk movement. Having some back issues off and on for a number of years my back has been acting up again. I’ve been sitting in a chair for 8-14 hours a day for nearly 12 years and I knew I needed to do something different.

Yesterday, I found an article from a Google employee who used and Ikea desk and configured it as a standup desk. (I’ll link to the article later)

So now I start my journey over the next couple weeks of moving from a sit down set up to standing up at my new desk. I’m going to try it out for a week or so in our conference room before start re-arranging my office. Below are some photos of how my initial set up looks. I’ll be modifying an Ikea stool as well which I’ll take a photo of later. I’ll be using that to sit nearly standing for short periods of time until I get my body adjusted to the new configuration. I’ll also post some updates on how my back and feet are adapting.

stand up desk ikea

ikea stand up desk

cheap stand up desk

A great site for other ideas with Ikea furniture is Ikea Hackers

I’m glad I found Ikea Hackers as well as some other articles on doing a stand up desk on the cheap; Most furniture makers that throw the word ergonomic on in the description seem to think it makes the chair or desk worth an extra $1,000 dollars. Comment below and look for updates on my journey to a standup desk work environment.

Ikea Standup Desk

Ikea Furniture

February 23, 2012 |

Waxahachie Fire, Magnablend Chemical Plant Videos


Waxahachie chemical fire at Magnablend is causing local evacuations and air warnings for surrounding communities including Dallas. Below is a compilation of Waxahachie fire videos from reporters and locals on the scene.

Local video of Waxahachie Fire at Magnablend Chemical Plant:

Local residents see multiple explosions from Magnablend Chemical Fire:

Fire truck completely engulfed in flames while fighting Waxahachie chemical fire:

Not sure why fire truck was parked right on top of fire, but no chance of moving it as fire spread quickly.

CBS News coverage of Waxahachie Chemical Fire:

October 3, 2011 |

The Key To Fixing US Economy


Like most Americans I’m frustrated with our politicians on both sides of the isle. While each side postures for its evening news talking points more and more Americans are loosing jobs.

I remember when I was in college we discussed how good NAFTA was going to be for the economy, how the US was switching from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy. Later we talked about how America needed a high-tech work force as this was the future. Guess what? All the geniuses were WRONG!

NAFTA as far as I know has not created any new job prosperity for America, it opened the doors for companies to move freely to Mexico and Canada. For more information on NAFTA, click link.

Americans were told that high-tech was the future, we needed to train up a high-tech workforce to meet future demand. While high-tech provides job security for many Americans, the outsourcing of high-tech jobs to countries like India, Philippines, and Russia have minimized the impact high-tech could have had on the US economy.

So what’s left? Service jobs? McDonalds, Burger King, Wal-Mart? are those the jobs that will keep America strong? In my home state of NH, I have friends and family that have lost jobs that are not coming back. Asking someone if they want to super-size there order will not keep America’s economy the envy of the world.

Agriculture…No one is talking about this, but I believe it is just as important as manufacturing. We are digging up and destroying farm land, orchards, and we are now importing much of our produce from around the world.

So what’s the key? I think Donald Trump had it right when he said recently that America needs to start building things again. I would also add that the US economy needs a balanced approach to manufacturing, high-tech, agriculture, and service oriented job growth. Look at China’s growth, they are now the #1 automotive market in the world and they are looking to get into the automotive manufacturing space. I now see more and more Hyundai badged vehicles from South Korea here in Dallas than I do US brands.

If America is going to turn a stagnated economy around, we need to start building and producing things that the rest of the world wants to buy. In addition, we need to turn our trade deficit around with our so called trading partners. This will take courage for political parties to sit down and have an honest discussion. A house divided against itself cannot stand…that is where we are at today.

Let’s get it right America…Let’s show the rest of the world that American exceptionalism, creativity, and work-ethic still live here.

What are your thoughts on the economy and our politicians? What do you think will turn the economy around? Comment below>>>

As a note, when searching Google for “key to fixing economy” here’s what comes up in top 10 search results:

September 29, 2011 |

Commercial Carports, Steel Construction: USA Eagle Carports


Commercial carport construction, all steel / metal fabrication and a best in business 20 year warranty is what makes USA Eagle Carports stand out. Based here in Dallas, TX USA Eagle serves commercial customers nation-wide.

USA Eagle carports designs, manufactures, and installs carports for airports, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, condos, schools, rv storage facilities & more. Call for a no obligation quote now: 817-788-5395

March 21, 2011 |

Irving Real Estate Market


Irving truly is in the center of it all. Tucked between the major, metropolitan areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, Irving offers efficient transportation systems, affordable housing for virtually any budget or lifestyle, abundant employment opportunities, an excellent system of schools and an impressive sense of community.

One of the first things you will notice immediately about Irving is its fine array of living opportunities. Irving boasts family homes in quiet, master planned communities, luxurious estates in golf-course communities and apartment, condo and town home living.

Many residents feel right at home in one of Irving’s many, suburban neighborhoods, while others may want to experience a more urban setting and be closer to the heart of the city. Still others may be searching for a more upscale residence in one of Irving’s many, gated and golf course communities. One thing’s for sure, though. Whatever your age, budget and lifestyle choice may be, you’ll surely find something in Irving that will fit the bill.

Easy Commuting

Irving’s 190,000 residents can reach Dallas in 15 minutes and Fort Worth in 20 minutes via Highway 183 and Highway 114. These highways also offer an easy commute to the Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport. Residents may also find that the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system can provide them with convenient transportation in and out of Irving.

The Perks of Irving Living

Part of Irving’s appeal is that residents can enjoy small town living, with all the perks and opportunities of a big city. Because Irving is, essentially, smack dab in the middle of two, thriving metropolitan areas, business, industry, education and entertainment opportunities are all top-notch and readily available.

If sporting is your pleasure, then Irving is the city for you! Catch the NFL Cowboys, the NHL Stars, The NBA Mavericks and the MLB Rangers in action. Take note of the many other sporting events this city has to offer, as well, including outdoor soccer, horse racing, equestrian events, amateur hockey and collegiate competitions, just to name a few.

Irving is a shopper’s paradise, with boutiques, malls, outdoor shopping centers, antique shops and bargain outlets dotting the landscape. Museums, sculptures and attractions, such as the Irving Symphony Orchestra and the Irving Arts Center, provide this community with a fine variety of culture.

Irving is a golfer’s paradise, with excellent, award-winning golf courses. Prestigious golf tournaments, such as the EDS Byron Nelson Golf Classic at the Four Seasons Resort and Club, bring invaluable exposure to Irving.

January 25, 2011 |

Dallas Dental Coupon


Dallas dental coupons good through 2011. Here is what you get when you present coupon at your next visit:

  • Free cosmetic dental exam
  • New patient special for customers without dental insurance
  • Free take-home teeth whitening
  • $89 in office teeth whitening

Print the below coupon and bring it in on your next visit to Dentistry of Las Colinas. Creating Dallas / Las Colinas smiles for over 20 years.

January 2, 2011 |

Dallas Loan, Car Loan Used


Dallas Loan, Car Loan Used or New, bad credit no credit? Let Community Auto Credit help you get the auto financing you need. With fast approvals and a large DFW dealer / lender network we’ll get you approved fast and driving a new or used vehicle even faster. Apply online today and get an approval in as little as 15 minutes.

November 17, 2010 |

Dallas Used Car Advertising


Dallas used car dealers have a FREE local opportunity to advertise their inventory. Sign up at Dallas Used Cars /

Once your dealership is set up you can add an unlimited number of vehicles, photos, and the ability to include video. Eventually, the Dallas used car website will include a Twitter feed to automatically tweet local cars through its Twitter feed at

One of the key benefits of utilizing the free service is local Internet sales managers, or local Dallas SEO companies can create search engine friendly listings as well as back links to Dallas auto dealer websites.

November 3, 2010 |
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