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Business VoIP

Whether you are familiar with Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or VoIP is a new technology vocab word it’s worth getting familar with. Voice over IP has been around for quite some time now. (Actually since the Internet was first deemed a fad). VoIP continues to get cheaper and more robust as time marches on. Now, a small business can get VoIP for as little as $9.99 per month per phone with all the features of a large PBX or corporation.

VoIP is a service that can replace your traditional phone service and sending your calls over the Internet. VoIP calls can be less costly due to the ability to compress your voice data considerably over old PSTN type phone systems that rely on outdated analog technologies.

One such company that offers some great value on business VoIP service is Nextiva. They are an award winning company and can get you started with no contracts or set up fees. One of my favorite features of cutting edge VoIP services is a follow-me feature which will forward an inbound call to your cell phone or any phone you designate. Another great feature of VoIP phone systems is an auto detect feature which allows you to take a phone from your office, plug it into your router or hub at home and it works just like you are sitting in your office. Receive and forward phone calls, join a conference call, etc.

If you have not yet considered or looked at VoIP service for your business, you should. Nextiva can help get you started quickly and best of all… no month to month contracts.

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