Another indicator of the real state of America.

Amidst the tragedy in the Gulf Port states, tens of thousands of Americans being displaced, and a rippling affect going through our economy, we see the selfishness of unions and union employees.

Put contract negotiations on hold for six or twelve months, but don’t add additional stress to the already fragile economy. I hope employees and union officials feel the sting of this poor decision to call for a strike in the midst of national tragedy.

Boeing Workers Reject New Contract, Vote to Strike
By VOA News
02 September 2005

Striking Boeing workers
Striking Boeing workers
Machinists for the U.S. airplane maker Boeing voted to strike Friday, after rejecting a new contract offer.

Union members voted late Thursday to authorize the strike by more than 18,000 workers who manufacture components and assemble planes.

Boeing officials expressed disappointment at the vote. In a written statement, they said they will not assemble airplanes during the strike. Earlier, Boeing officials warned a strike would be devastating to the company.

Union leaders had urged members to reject the new contract, saying it failed to meet their demands on health care and pension benefits.

Boeing managers were seeking to cut some benefit costs, which they say have risen sharply in recent years.

Boeing is currently locked in a trade dispute with its European rival Airbus over government subsidies.

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