Beware of Companies Selling Clicks


I recently met with a large nation-wide directory company offering their version of pay per click advertising, enhanced local listings, and banner advertising.

They essentially equate clicks and visits as customers or sales. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! If you’ve spent or wasted any money with online advertising, you’ve probably learned the hard way, that reports of guaranteed customers or sales are mostly false.

In today’s competitive market of online advertising there is no guarantee that a click or impression will add anything to your bottom line.

If you are going to spend money with online advertising, determine what it cost to generate a sale, acquire a customer, or a conversion to some action.

After two days of talking and sending emails back and forth, this large nation-wide directory could not understand the concept of Conversion Cost, only that getting clicks would send thousands of customers.

If you are spending money with online advertising, take some time to determine what it cost to generate a sale, acquire a customer, or achieve some type of conversion. If the company you are spending your dollars with cannot help you achieve, meet, or beat your determined conversion cost you are WASTING YOUR MONEY.

Look for next article on “Determining Your Conversion Cost”

May 16, 2008 |

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