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Automatic Reorder of Coffee and Office Consumables launches automatic reorder site

Carrollton, TX — November 9th, 2005 — CoffeeGIANT a leader in online coffee, tea and office consumables is pleased to announce the launch of a new automatic reorder website.
Consumers and business customers that want brand name coffees, teas and office consumables delivered at specified time periods can now set up an account on their new site

The customer has complete control over reorder groups, quantities and delivery schedules. Additionally, orders can be paused or deleted through an online control panel.

CoffeeGIANT considers this a signifigant breakthrough as their automatic order system has eliminated the need for customer intervention such as responding to emails or clicking links to complete customary reorders as some other services require.
Automated reordering saves time, money and prevents order delays when an employee is out sick or on vacation.

For information: or
Phone: 1.800.480.8071

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