Irving Real Estate Market


Irving truly is in the center of it all. Tucked between the major, metropolitan areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, Irving offers efficient transportation systems, affordable housing for virtually any budget or lifestyle, abundant employment opportunities, an excellent system of schools and an impressive sense of community.

One of the first things you will notice immediately about Irving is its fine array of living opportunities. Irving boasts family homes in quiet, master planned communities, luxurious estates in golf-course communities and apartment, condo and town home living.

Many residents feel right at home in one of Irving’s many, suburban neighborhoods, while others may want to experience a more urban setting and be closer to the heart of the city. Still others may be searching for a more upscale residence in one of Irving’s many, gated and golf course communities. One thing’s for sure, though. Whatever your age, budget and lifestyle choice may be, you’ll surely find something in Irving that will fit the bill.

Easy Commuting

Irving’s 190,000 residents can reach Dallas in 15 minutes and Fort Worth in 20 minutes via Highway 183 and Highway 114. These highways also offer an easy commute to the Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport. Residents may also find that the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system can provide them with convenient transportation in and out of Irving.

The Perks of Irving Living

Part of Irving’s appeal is that residents can enjoy small town living, with all the perks and opportunities of a big city. Because Irving is, essentially, smack dab in the middle of two, thriving metropolitan areas, business, industry, education and entertainment opportunities are all top-notch and readily available.

If sporting is your pleasure, then Irving is the city for you! Catch the NFL Cowboys, the NHL Stars, The NBA Mavericks and the MLB Rangers in action. Take note of the many other sporting events this city has to offer, as well, including outdoor soccer, horse racing, equestrian events, amateur hockey and collegiate competitions, just to name a few.

Irving is a shopper’s paradise, with boutiques, malls, outdoor shopping centers, antique shops and bargain outlets dotting the landscape. Museums, sculptures and attractions, such as the Irving Symphony Orchestra and the Irving Arts Center, provide this community with a fine variety of culture.

Irving is a golfer’s paradise, with excellent, award-winning golf courses. Prestigious golf tournaments, such as the EDS Byron Nelson Golf Classic at the Four Seasons Resort and Club, bring invaluable exposure to Irving.

January 25, 2011 |

Dallas Real Estate Still In Demand


Dallas real estate properties are still in demand. These days’ lots of properties get listed on the market and they are sold quickly for asking price. Everything still depends on the good old saying, location location location.

In the past, many people made investments in the stock market, but nowadays, many people have begun investing in real estate property in order to acquire profit by selling them when the real estate market is on a high. Dallas real estate is one of the fast growing markets, so sellers will be able to negotiate prices for excellent gains. Real estate properties can be sold FSBO or by a Dallas/ Fort Worth real estate agent. Many sellers are ready to sell their property by themselves. While doing so, the seller has the following benefits.

1. Save money
2. Negotiating directly with the buyer
3. Marketing the home

February 9, 2009 |

Condos in Dallas


Lately, there has been a major demand for Dallas condos. We believe one of the motivators behind those individuals who suddenly need condos are empty nesters how have sold their larger home to seek a life that offers more conveniences.

As you could imagine, there is less effort involved when it comes to owning a condo in Dallas as opposed to owning a large home. Condos that are located in Dallas can be found starting at $150k. As you may already know, you will be financially benefiting if you sell your large home and purchase a condo. Another force that just caused that sudden boom in Condos in Dallas is the fact that individuals no longer want to make that long commute to get to their job sites.

Dallas is an area that is highly populated and employees hundreds of people, maybe even thousands. No one wants to spend hours trying to get into work, commuting through all of the traffic. Simply put, if you work in Dallas, Texas, then a Dallas condo is the easiest and cheapest route to take. The cost of living is starting to increase and inflation is going to see to it that the trend will progress. In all actuality, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain the large family homes that we live in. With a Dallas condo, you will defiantly be able to find the best one that suits you, your family and all of the financial needs that you may have.

January 19, 2009 |

Dallas Commercial real estate


Dallas is home to some of the largest companies in the world, including ExxonMobil, Fortune 500’s biggest company (by revenue). The city of Dallas has a thriving, prosperous commercial real estate market. On a weekly basis, the strong economy of Dallas attracts new corporate citizens. This means that office space is always in high demand. The local real estate market conditions have helped to make investment return for downtown Dallas the highest in the nation.
VIP Realty has a special Buyer’s Service Agent service that puts you into contact with the latest developments in Dallas commercial real estate. This premier team of real estate professionals is North Texas’s top investment and commercial brokerage firm. VIP Realty is experienced at finding terrific Dallas office space and industrial lease space to suit all of a businesses’ requirements.
Another wise investment is in Dallas, Texas real estate . The team at VIP Realty would love to be your number one guide to the Dallas real estate market. Dallas has one of the most exciting and dynamic markets in the nation. If you are interested in purchasing a home, then look no further, VIP Realty has listings of thousands of homes in the Dallas area. A VIP agent is ready to help you find your dream home, or sell your condo or loft quickly.
Dallas is expected to continue to expand economically. The city of Dallas is perfect for business professionals, families, students and retirees. When searching for either a home or commercial property contact VIP Realty, a leader in Dallas real estate.

December 1, 2008 |

Dallas real estate as an Investment Option


There are two main reasons why you should consider direct investment in Dallas real estate. One is access to the cash flow generating properties in the form of dividends. Many experts classify real estate investments as income-producing investments in line with bonds, because the buildings poses a constant flow of money from the property to the investor.

Dallas commercial real estate The other reason is the low correlation that exhibit properties of both shares to fixed interest securities. This low correlation means that real estate can be used as a risk mitigation component of the total investment portfolio.

The institutional investors, as major insurance companies, has traditionally always had a high percentage of properties in their portfolios to reduce risk in their investments. This phenomenon was seen long before other alternative investments, such as hedge funds and venture capital funds, had among the institutions’ investments.

Even though alternative investments are considered to be a natural component of the larger investor portfolios today are those instruments fairly new forms of Dallas commercial real estate investment. Buildings, however, has been around since way back along with equities and fixed-income securities in institutional portfolios

November 4, 2008 |

How Dallas Luxury Real Estate is Winning


The market problems we are seeing right now don’t have much affect on high end buyers, again because their financial well being shelters them from what they would consider minor economic fluctuations.

Often negotiating the price of a home isn’t of much concern either to luxury buyers. Buyers in this economic sector are looking more for a lifestyle than a bargain. They want space, privacy, heated floors, indoor pools, and home gyms. These buyers are looking for a sanctuary as well as convenience. Haggling over the price isn’t of particular concern.

Buyers in the mid to lower strata generally are looking for nice kitchens, modern bathrooms, and enough space to live comfortably. They are also looking for a solid investment, so interest rate changes, market slumps, and price negotiations are all major concerns.

Non-luxury buyers are feeling apprehensive about the changing market conditions, and are hesitant to throw their hats into the real estate ring. They are also quite nervous about the future, as the media is throwing around words like “recession”. Buyers and homeowners are uncertain about how much further the market will fall, and how much property values will be affected.

Those investing in the high end housing market are more optimistic about the future appreciation of real estate. As mentioned earlier, they can afford to ride out most of these market highs and lows. They also have faith in real estate as an investment strategy. They do not have the burden of having to worry about their mortgages in the coming months; they’re focused on long term growth and the appreciation of their property values.

There is also an increase in the amount of wealth that buyers have acquired in recent years. Baby boomers who have played smart on the stock market, are on the rise. There are also lot of inheritance recipients who are celebrating their newfound wealth by investing in real estate. There is more money out there to be had, and those who have it are spending it.

Aside from the money issue (or non-issue, as the case may be), the luxury real estate market is also seeing an increase of available properties. In the Dallas area, there are roughly 35 percent more high end properties on the market than last year.

While average homeowners are feeling the crunch of the recent economic downturn, so far the wealthy are remaining relatively unscathed. The housing market is plummeting in some areas, but those in the market for a million dollar plus home seem to be on the rise. The difference between these two markets may even out in the future, but for now high end buyers and sellers should enjoy the ride.

Visit the VIP Realty website for more information on property marketing in the Dallas real estate area. There you’ll find buyer and seller service details, information on local communities, details on Highland Park real estate, North Dallas real estate & Downtown Dallas Condos, and resources on a wide variety of other home styles.

October 21, 2008 |

Furnishings Can Be Green Too


Furnishing your home with environmentally friendly products doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. As demand grows for these furnishings more companies are producing them, and some are switching their inventories over completely. The result is more selection for buyers, and cheaper costs. For home owners who’ve been waiting to green up their interior decor, it’s never been more affordable to start. And for those who’ve never considered the idea before, it may be surprisingly enjoyable.

One of the reasons green home furnishings are more accessible now is that they come in a wider variety of materials. Plastic and paper products that were once discarded or recycled for industrial purposes can now be used to make things like tables and chairs, thanks to advances in recycling. Furniture designers are also re-using materials more creatively, enabling them to bypass the sometimes energy and labor intensive recycling process.

Interior lamps are a good place to start when discussing the re-use movement. Some of the best green lamp designs re-use products without altering them at all, infusing living rooms with a distinct post-modern feel. One innovative company carries a range of products built from discarded computer circuit boards, including night lights, lamps, and candle holders. Tastefully designed, these furnishings make great conversation pieces, and light up the room in attractive criss-cross wire patterns. Another attractive lamp designed from re-used products is the Tupperware light, which usually just consists of a light bulb inside a piece of vintage Tupperware, and a stand. These lights work well for decorators putting together a retro theme, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. A third choice in enviro-friendly re-use designs might include a lamp built with used wooden chopsticks. There are a wide variety of these products, with chopsticks are produced and discarded en-masse every day, and many companies and consumers waiting to use them again.

One of the most popular materials used in recycled home furnishings is cardboard. Lightweight, widely accessible, and easy to shape, cardboard is commonly used in everything from tables to kitchen drawers. A wide variety of cardboard chairs in attractive designs are also available. Many cardboard furnishing manufacturers also use water-based adhesives and finishes, to prevent environmental harm if their products are recycled again.

Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations are now providing funding and extensive research to foster growth in the green products industry. With that kind of support, it’s clearly an industry that’s here to stay.

Visit the VIP Realty website for more information on property marketing in the Dallas real estate area. There you’ll find buyer and seller service details, information on local communities, and details on San Antonio Condos & Houston real estate, and other home styles.

October 7, 2008 |

Educating Your Family regarding Real Estate


Education is a huge deal in real estate. Realtors are consistently educating themselves on the ever changing market and buyers who want to get the best deals possible spend a remarkable amount of time learning about the trends in their areas and how to get the most value from their home or their home purchase. In fact, educating yourself on the processes involved in real estate transactions is a great idea as it will only make the actual purchase or sale that much easier. Knowing what to expect from any given area can go a long way towards making buying or selling a home a more rewarding experience. For instance, knowing that a certain area is cooling off could help to get you the best deal or let you know that this may not be the best time to sell. During your research you may discover things that can drastically affect the quality of the product that you are offering or purchasing. Doing your homework never hurts.

There is another aspect to education that should also be considered when moving to any new area, especially if you have kids. What kind of educational system does the area offer? Schools are definitely something that deserves close observation and investigation when moving into an area as schools can be a make or break point for many sales. Also to be considered are the presence of post-secondary facilities in the area. Universities and Colleges can have a huge impact on the financial well-being and the educational progression of any city or town. Also having such facilities in the local area gives kids something to strive for and can keep them closer to home during the university years. Having universities and colleges in the area is a great benefit to the business sector as well as there is abundance of young eager workers and businesses do well from the university trade. This can also be the best kind of area for investment properties as college students need good places to live and homes near the campus are always at a premium. Education plays a big role in real estate, in more than just one way. Educate yourself and your family on what learning can bring to the table in the home sales and purchase world.

Richard Soto is the President of VIP Realty, the Premier Firm in Dallas real estate. Contact VIP Realty for more information or visit our San Antonio real estate.

October 1, 2008 |

First Time Home Buyers


You have done your homework, researched the benefits of home ownership, got your finances in order and have been pre-qualified for a mortgage. Great! Now comes the exciting – and often stressful – part! It’s time to find your first Irving home!

On Your Mark…

The first order of business should include finding a qualified, reputable Dallas real estate agent. The best way to find a good real estate agent is to ask friends, family members and neighbors for referrals.

Next, you’ll need to narrow down your neighborhood choices, price, type of home and features, and define your goals. Using the Internet is an easy way to learn about different communities in any given area.

A good real estate agent will listen to your needs and wants and only show homes which meet your criteria. He or she will also preview the homes before showing them to you to further eliminate the need to visit homes which are not in line with your objectives and goals.

Get Set…

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices regarding price, location, type of home and features, your real estate agent will arrange a day to visit a few Irving homes which meet your criteria. Grab a pair of comfortable shoes and bring along your digital camera and a notepad. While you’re at each of the homes on your tour, you’ll want to take pictures and notes regarding the home’s features and amenities.

You’ll also want to note the home’s surroundings and location. Is it close to the local school, the park or public transportation? Is it near power lines or situated along a busy street?

Once you’ve left each home, write down your overall, first impression. You can also use a rating system to better organize your thoughts and determine which homes are of the most interest to you.


After your day of house hunting, review your pictures and your notes and arrange a time to revisit the homes that were on the top of your list. Don’t expect to see 20 homes in a single day. The only thing this will accomplish is a pounding headache. Visiting just a handful of homes will better allow you to remember the features of each home and prevent confusion.

Finally, if you find your perfect home, plan to make an offer quickly. A motivated buyer will most often make an offer within two days of viewing a home. Any longer and your dream home could be just a memory.

September 3, 2008 |

Selling a Home When You Have Pets


How to Handle the Pet Issue When Showing Your Home

The best case scenario is to remove all pets before showing your home. However, this is not always possible and certainly not convenient for many sellers.

A cat will typically hide when visitors arrive, but a dog often responds to visitors with barking, jumping and even growling. Take your dog for a long walk during the showing, if possible, or ask a neighbor to watch your dog during that time. You can also keep the dog outside, although this may detract from showing potential home buyers your home’s outdoor living spaces. Finally, a kennel may be an option if your home is being shown during the day, while you’re away.

Even though your beloved pets have become a part of your family and a part of your home, it is important to remember that not all potential Dallas Real Estate home buyers are pet lovers and some even might have allergies.

Therefore, it is important that you keep this in mind when showing your Dallas home.

August 28, 2008 |

Highland Park Luxury Real Estate


Highland Park real estate is characterized by quiet dignity and tree-lined streets. There is a high standard of living in Highland Park that is due to the fine-quality of housing, the abundance of parks and other scenic elements that create this picturesque setting. VIP Realty is the premier team of realtors that are knowledgeable in the latest Highland Park homes for sale. VIP Realty’s number one goal is to find the perfect location for either a family or a business.

VIP Realty promises to find you the best in Highland Park TX real estate, in a short amount of time, for an unbeatable price. Another hot item on the market is Highland Park commercial real estate. THE VIP Realty agency consists of highly experienced and professional Realtors that are an invaluable asset in finding and negotiating on the behalf of sellers or buyers of commercial properties in Highland Park. Whatever your real estate needs are, VIP Realty will be more than happy to assist you in finding your dream home or a fabulous piece of commercial property.

August 20, 2008 |

VIP Realty – On the Move


VIP Realty is a Dallas based real estate company, that is expanding into the San Antonio real estate and Houston real estate markets. The so-called downturn in the economy and housing sector has not detoured VIP Realty from agreesively going into other real estate markets.

Much of the local Dallas companies success has to do with the ability to recruit and retain some of the best agents in the North Texas area. VIP Realty agents pride themselves in working extremely hard and getting the best deal possbible for thier clients. The fact that we are also in one of the best real estate markets, can’t hurt either. 

Sometimes we have to remind clients that we are not in, California, Florida or Arizona, this is Texas :).

July 23, 2008 |
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