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  1. MobileME is 100%, total crap as an email tool, at least on Windows. When I am on my mac of course I don’t need to use MobileMe because I have Apple Mail (which is itself a barely-marginal email tool). MobileMe is slow, it hangs, and it errors out a lot. I am constantly having to log out and log back in. If you do a chat session with Apple for support, and describe any problem you are having with MobileME, the first thing they ask is “Well did you log off and back on?” as if any idiot knows when you have a problem with software it is because you aren’t constantly logging off and back on and it is therefore your own fault. They shouldn’t even be asking that stupid question.

    I am still using mobileMe because I paid for a family pack, and because it is such a hassle to change email addresses. It took me a month to get everyone sending to my MobileMe account instead of my old address, and I don’t want to change again so soon. When I feel like going through the hassle of changing email addresses again, I’m getting off this piece of trash.

    1. Apple support rocked me the other day. I’ve been to the stores and they normally very helpful. I called my local store in Southlake, Texas to see if they would upgrade my harddrive. They told me they don’t do hard drive upgrade and recommended that I visit Fry’s. So if my hard drive just went bad vs. wanting to increase hard drive space, Apple would tell me to go to a third party for support. Has anyone else had issues with Apple support? Thanks for the post.

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