Today I received word from my server admin that AOL is now blocking all form driven emails unless server owners / administrators bring servers and software into compliance with AOL standards.

For UNIX / Linux server owners, this requires in some cases major server reconfiguration which is not practical to your web server and software you may be running.

AOL is providing a white list service in which a server owner / administrator must meet certain requirements to be allowed to send newsletters and other mail through AOL’s network. Again, this is not practical in most cases.

This brings me to another point for small business owners that might use AOL for business purposes. DON’T USE AOL. If you own a domain name, use email addresses associated with your domain. It looks more professional and you’ll avoid in many cases bounced or dropped email issues you might have with an AOL account. If you don’t own a domain name, purchase one and use a commercial email address or account.

This brings me to another soap-box point; Want to get rid of SPAM? Go complain to Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the other providers of FREE email accounts. I’ll cover this in my next post.

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