With much debate going on with regard to the big three auto makers it appears that the debate is moving pretty much along party lines.

While there are good arguments on both sides I’m in favor of allowing the big three to file chapter 11 bankruptcy. (What are your thoughts?)

One main argument is that the labor unions have made US auto makers un-competitive in the global economy. While I’m not a union hate monger, I think the role of labor unions needs to change along with the global economy. On a political note, I find it interesting that labor unions almost always vote Democrat.

Something the US media is not mentioning is that import auto makers seem to be doing just fine. Import auto makers from Japan and South Korea had the vision to start making more fuel efficient and reliable vehicles than their US counter parts.

If the federal government is going to get in the business of offering bailouts, what about small business owners? While many states claim to be small business friendly, most are not.

Ultimately, we need to decide if we are going to remain a capitalist country or continue our slippery slide of becoming soccialist country where the Government will have ownership in banks, and possibly auto makers.

What are your thoughts on another bailout? Are there any other companies or businesses the tax payer should bail out? What about individual families? Will they get a bail out?

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