For any Dallas Fort Worth voters interested, there are six 2008 presidential candidates. With Obama and McCain both voting for a $700 billion Fannie-Freddie bailout, neither can say they honestly represent middle class or main street America. Intelligent black voters and young voters take note of that fact.

In the preservation of open and free debate for democracy, I find it interesting that none of the other four candidates get the opportunity to participate in any open debates with Democratic or Republican candidates. Honestly, I’ve never really thought much about it until this year. That doesn’t seem very democratic does it?

So it seems that Democrats and Republicans both have a monopoly on US politics which in turn creates the stalemate we seem to be in year after year.

If you would like to explore or see who the other four presidential candidates are you can find them here:

Charles O. Baldwin
Party: Independent, Write-In, Alaskan Independence, Constitution, Constitution Party of Florida, Constitution Party of Illinois, Independent Green, Nebraska, Reform Party of Kansas, U.S. Taxpayers, U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan
Status: Announced
Running Mate: Darrell Castle

– John S. McCain, III
Party: Republican, Conservative Party of New York , Independence Party of New York
Status: Announced
Running Mate: Sarah H. Palin

– Ralph Nader
Party: No Party Affiliation, Independent, Write-In, Natural Law Party, Ecology Party of Florida, Independent Party of Delaware, Peace, Peace and Freedom, Petitioning Candidate
Status: Announced
Running Mate: Matt Gonzalez

– Robert L. Barr, Jr.
Party: Independent, Libertarian
Status: Announced
Running Mate: Wayne A. Root

– Cynthia Ann McKinney
Party: Independent, Green Party, Write-In, Mountain Party, Pacific Green, Unaffiliated, Wisconsin Green
Status: Announced
Running Mate: Rosa A. Clemente

– Barack H. Obama, Jr.
Party: Democratic, Democratic/Farmer/Labor, Democratic-NPL, Working Families Party of New York
Status: Announced
Running Mate: Joseph R. Biden, Jr.