Not sure if you’ve been watching the 2008 Olympics like I have, but this summer’s games have been both exciting and disappointing. One of the things that I am in awe of is the amazing stamina, talent and mental toughness athletes must have to compete and a high level of performance.

Everything from Michael Phelp’s incredible accomplishments and one of the most under recognized with Constantina Tomescue taking a commanding lead in the women’s marathon and maintaining a near 60 second lead for over an hour to take the gold. Simply amazing!

Other than some odd and blatant judging errors in women’s gymnastics, the most disappointing event for me personally has been men and women’s track events. While I’m sure it’s always been this way, I’ve never really noticed it until this year. In nearly every race spectators and Olympic fans have been robbed by athletes shutting down before reaching the finish line. Imagine the wins and records that might have been been celebrated if every runner ran all the way through the finish line.

I can’t think of any sport where speed or time are combined and an athlete shuts down before finishing. I was always taught to run through first base while playing baseball. A receiver in football out running a tackle, down hill skiing, or swimming; Imagine if Michael Phelps shut down before touching the wall? Maybe he would have settled for 4 gold medals.

In both sports and business, we need to run the race through the finish line without shutting down or loosing momentum before we win.